Mathew Laverty

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Mathew Laverty Building Responsive Websites

Responsive Web Design and Development with SEO Services

I am a Responsive Web Designer and Developer & Graphic Design professional with strategic SEO knowledge living in Muskoka, Ontario, Canada. I specialize in creating responsive websites that my clients can manage and update on their own without any knowledge of HTML. My tools of choice being Wordpress, Bootstrap & jQuery.

Design is my first passion

I began my career as a Graphic Designer which allowed me to have exposure to Web Design, where I quickly realized the passion I had for it. I then decided to go back to school to upgrade my skill set, and now I consider myself a Full-Stack Web Developer.

It's all about user experience

I particularly get excited about User Experience and User Interfaces (UX & UI) when I create websites. I only create responsive websites which means they look great on any device (tablet, desktop and phone).

"The web to me has infinite possibilities—I'm only limited by my own imagination and creative vision."

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